Our Story

Our family opened the first Blue Boy Sandwich Shop in the Norwood area of Jacksonville, Florida in 1973, the era of disco, bell bottoms, and now, a great place to eat! The entire family grew up helping in the shop, and Mom and Pop eventually grew out of their bell bottoms and into two additional shop locations in Arlington and Downtown Jacksonville Although times sure have changed, we still begin every morning at Blue Boy’s just like we did back then…with our fresh, homemade bread. It takes a Teschke to make the bread just right, so every morning one of us bakes and delivers fresh loaves to each of our shops, where we offer so many varieties of sandwiches made from top quality ingredients, we know you’ll find one (or two, or three) that you love! Be sure to bring your appetite, because when you experience the scrumptious food from a Blue Boy Sandwich Shop, you will understand our slogan:
One sandwich, one meal!

After all of this reading, you must be hungry.
Can’t you almost smell the aroma of fresh baked bread?

Come experience a meal at Blue Boy Sandwich Shop today!
Our selection and service will “blue” you away!
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